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Subject: Requirement
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mikesto 6.09.11 - 12:21am
I'm intrested in spell casting. I.'m asking what is required. Can somebody teatch me?(please!!!) *

nightpup 19.01.12 - 06:12am
I don't know if you can get on Youtube or not, but if you can there is a really knowledgeable teacher there whose channel is called, Mardukite. One of his playlists is called, So You Want To Be A Wizard. Watch those. Although the one with nearly the same name that has the word complete spelled wrong is something to do with Deepak Chopra and is not the How to be a Wizard series I'm talking about. The guy doing the videos is an author named Joshua Free who used to go by Merlyn Stone (not to be confused with the author Merlin Stone). If you can't watch the videos or get access to his books, let me know and I'll see what I can tell you. I'm not as knowledgeable as he is and he'll tell you better than I could. *

mikesto 4.02.12 - 09:51pm
Thanx Blessed Be! *

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