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Subject: Need Help ~~ask for it~~
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arayn 5/5/2007 - 7:10:37
Need help or as*itant write it down. *

rvampr 5/20/2007 - 9:05:53
Hi,can u pls teach me greatly appreciate.thanx *

rvampr 5/23/2007 - 3:00:17 a fast learner and make good apprentice.please can u teach me white magic and time travel.pls.desperatly want to learn it.thanking u.x x x. *

rvampr 5/23/2007 - 3:01:14 a fast learner and make good apprentice.please can u teach me white magic and time travel.pls.i realy want to learn it.asap.thanking u.x x x. *

ms.sweet 9/5/2007 - 6:11:35
Im very new 2 this and i wud lyk 2 know if binding spells r considered 'dark'. *

vampi16 2.10.07 - 05:24pm
Pls teach me how please tell me how please help me out an also explain the rules an laws of timetraval.thanky *

maria1w 22.11.07 - 11:58am
hi,i would love to learn spells of all kinds&most of all spells that really work,everytime some1has thought me som spells they never worked. *

penta 4.01.08 - 07:11am
What idiot says there r time travel spells? R past life remembering spells? U give tru witchs bad names maybe u need a gud hex on u? *

xtivin 5.01.08 - 08:56am
Hi,i want 2 learn different spells of various kinds,nd d ones dat brings both good and bad karma,i wuld b happy if u culd help *

geenao75 15.02.08 - 03:36am
Hello iam new at this! I need some help with every thing hehe if u can help write back thank you so much!! *

emaya 5.03.08 - 05:07pm
I am interrested in black magic, ritual,hypnotism,ouija,and all that is associated.time recall wat it have to do with memory recall if it controls thismind.i kind of see. *

emaya 11.03.08 - 01:54pm
Sometimes Things Just Happen,when Ur Htrt In Some Way,turn The Corner And Theyre Wammie.i Never Cast Spells.ive Seen It Some Look Funny. *

callion 26.05.08 - 04:57pm
Greetings. Can you teach me How to perform magic? *

lovgirl7 19.06.08 - 10:27pm
In my religion they say an ordinary person should not use n learn magic.its a big sin.because it may cause interference with the order of life. *

bronze1 18.07.08 - 04:08pm
Hi i'd like to learn time travel. I'm a dianic witch so i would'nt be hard to teach. Message me if ur availiable. *

peterrr 29.07.08 - 05:33pm
Pls teach me spell nd magic. *

sin66666 13.10.08 - 01:00pm
im looking to learn whatever i can about all spells please can any one help me? *

flame99 23.10.08 - 01:51pm
can someone teach me white magic and spells ,really willing to learn/ pliz pliz/// *

death_an 14.11.08 - 07:11pm
can someone please teach me how to use magic. any kind of magic. please, i'll do anything. my email is *

j_smile 27.11.08 - 01:36pm
Hi,i just joind 2day,i also wana learn how to do magic *

amylover 5.12.08 - 12:10am
Hello! New here! I was wondering if anyone could teach me how to practice magic. Thanx *

avengean 24.12.08 - 05:41am
I'm very new to the craft and would welcome anything u can teach me blessed be *

babyk_1 6.01.09 - 11:04pm
i want to learn a spell to make my hair grow *

marcos11 16.01.09 - 06:22pm
Hello can you teach me some black magic...? Anything ...pls... *

cvdangel 12.02.09 - 08:34am
Helo. I c dosens of ppl askn 2 b taught. Bt nobody helpn them. Im startn 2 regret joining dis group since im very serious about learning wichcraft. Bt seems nobody here can actualy help us. Its odd. And frustrating *

sarathsa 20.05.09 - 10:43am
Can anyone help me i am frm india and i was in love with a girl she left me she dosent love me now i cant live without her i tried almost everthing

tundesma 23.05.09 - 10:36am
i am new,hw do i hypnotz. *

mzdenise 17.01.10 - 03:50am
Hi can someone tell me if there is an obedience spell? My 14 yr old son is very hard headed and wont listen to me. i need help! *

simeon12 25.08.12 - 10:11pm
pls i would love and appreciate it if u will teach me white magic *

1.honey 6.07.13 - 08:13pm
i desperately need help/ i need a spell to help me with my financial problems as its got me on the verge of suicide *

tiburugifty 5.10.14 - 12:43pm
pls am new n can someone tel me what is white magic n time travel n hw to get it *

tiburugifty 5.10.14 - 12:53pm
pls am new can someone tel me wht is hypnotism n candle rituals, the uses n how to get it *

michaelnicolsamai 20.03.15 - 08:49pm
i don't need any help,it's all full with evil,u better repent,because jesus is coming soon. *

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