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Subject: Help if u cn arayn
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pora1 28.12.07 - 06:46am
I nd a spell tht the gal of my dreams loves me and so tht i dnt lose her plz! Frm heart broken pora *

penta 28.12.07 - 08:07pm
No spell can truely bind a luv 2 u if they go its ment 2 b, tru luv will follow soon! *

khit 27.08.08 - 09:27am
Hey, there ain't n0 love sPells that last loNg. . . ! *

death_an 14.11.08 - 07:14pm
can someone please teach me a spell. any kind of spell. my email is *

var2 8.01.09 - 07:38pm
Are you people really mad? Spells are only an imaginary funny statements, THEY DON'T WORKS! *

marcos11 16.01.09 - 07:23pm
Can anybody teach me any spell any kind of spell....? ....Pls.... *

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